9 people were killed in the fiery crash of a Federal Express truck and a tour bus carrying Los Angeles area high school students to Humboldt State University. This is a horrible tragedy. Initial reports say that the Fed Ex driver crossed Interstate 5 (I5) and entered the oncoming traffic lanes, striking the school tour bus filled with the Los Angeles area high school students. The National Transportation Safety Board NTSB is investigating the truck and bus crash.


Chakmakis Law has handled similar cases, including cases against Fed Ex drivers. We have obtained large settlements against Fed Ex drivers based on the driver’s negligence. Our cases against Fed Ex are recorded in the Superior Court of the State of California. These Fed Ex drivers are often employed by an independent contractor trucking company, that provides delivery services for Fed Ex. Thus we always investigate Fed Ex, and the sub-contractor company, that may negligently hire drivers without full background checks, and without providing adequate training. We also sue and hold the Federal Express Company responsible, even when an independent contractor is used by Fed Ex. The Fed Ex drivers sometimes drive many hours over the legal limit; thus they are tired, weary, and driving recklessly. The result is major injuries to motorists and even wrongful death. It could even be considered vehicular manslaughter. We have successfully investigated, discovered, and proven that truck drivers have forged their driver log books to make it look like they are driving within the legal hour limits. We know how the Fed Ex truck and transportation system works, and too often doesn’t work properly. The Fed Ex company and its sub-contractor trucking companies usually use the same law offices over and over to defend their drivers and try to avoid payment of any damages. We know the Fed Ex law firms from past experience in Fed Ex crash cases, and we know how to avoid their defense tactics.


The victims of this school bus crash with the Fed Ex truck, and the families of the deceased victims, need experienced wrongful death lawyers to investigate this tragedy. For example, our law office uses aggressive investigators, with law enforcement backgrounds, to find witness and get recorded statements from them. Finding witnesses, preserving evidence, and getting statements can be especially important in these cases. Fed Ex will have their lawyers and investigators out locating witnesses and getting statements, and the victims should have their lawyers doing the same. The injured students and the families of the dead students deserve compensation for these horrific losses. One thing we know for sure, the students did not cause this school bus crash. We have been working on truck crash cases involving all types of commercial vehicles for 22 years. Our cases have included injuries involving 18 wheeler semi trucks, tractor trailer roll overs, tour buses, bob tail truck collisions, and truck versus pedestrian wrongful death cases. Please review our website for more information and list of representative cases. We offer free consultation, and fees are a percentage of the total recovery.

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