Woman Jumps off Beverly Hills Building – January 22, 2014

According to reports, two days ago on January 22, 2014, a 53 year old surgery patient somehow got out of a Beverly Hills clinic and made it to the 15th floor of the medical building. She removed her treatment gown, sat naked on the roof for several hours, and ultimately jumped off the roof to [...]

Can a parent sue for wrongful death in California?

CALIFORNIA WRONGFUL DEATH LAW The death of a child is probably the worst tragedy any parent can experience. The loss is devastating whether the deceased child is a minor or an adult. The pain and confusion is often even worse when someone else’s carelessness or negligence causes the death. We call that “wrongful death,” or [...]

School Bus Crash with Fed Ex truck Killing Los Angeles Area High School Students

MINORS KILLED ON 5 FREEWAY CRASH 9 people were killed in the fiery crash of a Federal Express truck and a tour bus carrying Los Angeles area high school students to Humboldt State University. This is a horrible tragedy. Initial reports say that the Fed Ex driver crossed Interstate 5 (I5) and entered the oncoming [...]

Do I Need A Lawyer After A Car Accident In California

  You may be wondering if you can go it alone after a car accident. Sometimes people try; oftentimes because many insurance companies seem so cooperative and helpful at the beginning of a claim. But when the medical bills pile up, and the insurance company starts to give people the runaround, these injury victims call [...]